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Inspiration! is a fun and fast-paced Catholic game that promotes collaboration as players make strategic decisions and score points as a team. You'll each assume the identity of a Guardian Angel Cadet as you inspire and guide the Dreamers who are in your charge. Along the way you'll solve problems and fight off nightmares, all while learning the rich history of our Faith and the surprising ways in which Catholicism has influenced science throughout history.

Inspiration! is a fully collaborative Catholic table top game for 1 to 8 players consisting of three distinct gameplays:

— Dream Weavers (Ages 6+) is strategic puzzle game that challenges players to build colored pathways according to the selected mission.

— Genuine Inspiration (Ages 12+) challenges players to score points as they explore how Catholic principles have impacted our understanding of Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Medicine, Modern Physics.

— Dread Wars (Ages 12+) combines Dream Weavers and Genuine Inspiration gameplays while adding a battle component where Guardian Angels are fighting off nightmares that will wake your dreamer and end your mission.

Subjects Include: Optics, Astronomy, Medicine, Modern Physics, The Scientific Method, and Mathematics.

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""I am so excited about this new game that brings science and religion together again by using a fun method.""

Dr. Gerard Verschuuren
Human geneticist, author
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Fun Game and Great Concept; Instructions were Lacking (or Our Ability to Understand Them)
Aesthetically pleasing. Good concept. My 3 boys (7, 5, 2) like to look at all the cards and pick out their Guardians. Played Dream Weavers (6+) with 7 and 5 year old without trouble. They find it fun. Husband and I find it a little boring. The instructions seem to be missing some clarifications needed, so we may be playing it incorrectly. The way we play, it seems pretty easy to win at the easy and medium levels (without helping our kids along the way). A video example of how to play or video explaining the instructions would help. They really wanted to play with the Guardians though so we gave it a try. Played Dread Wars (12+) with the 7 and 5 year old. They were able to follow along, but the extra reading of abilities during the Dread Battles lost them (granted, we weren't exactly sure what we were doing - again the instructions weren't clear enough for us on how many Guardians at a time and our die had a 10, not a 0, but all the cards listed 0). Its concept is fun. Help guide the dreamers to their full potential with inspiration (points), and guardians help fight off evil that sucks out inspiration. Gain inspiration by learning about how people of faith have contributed to science and innovation. A good way to learn while having fun. Hopefully instructional videos are created b/c I think that would really bring out the full potential of the game for us.
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