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Joseph’s Donkey is the heartwarming tale of a noble donkey purchased by St. Joseph shortly before his marriage to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The trusted creature helps Joseph in his carpentry business by hauling wood and stones, but he also plays a key role in all the major events recorded in the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels: he carries Mary to Bethlehem, where she gives birth to Jesus; he takes the Holy Family to Egypt to escape the evil king Herod; and he shuttles the family to Jerusalem, where the twelve-year-old Jesus gets “lost” in the Temple and is then found again. 

This rich and beautifully illustrated book will be a source of stirring entertainment for children, who will fall in love with the strong, dignified, humble, hardworking donkey. But more importantly, Joseph’s Donkey will introduce children in a potent way to the mysterious and wonderful character of St. Joseph himself. For the donkey in this story is a mirror image of the honorable head of the Holy Family. Thus, in coming to know and cherish the donkey, children will come to appreciate and grow close to Jesus’ foster father — the person whom God the Father chose above all others to watch over, guide, and protect His only begotten Son. 

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  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-429-0
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I'm glad that this book was written. From the wonderful story to the beautiful illustrations - This is indeed a champion of a Children's book! "Joseph was a man who always did what was right." So, it was only fitting that Joseph found a donkey that always did what was right, too. This book touches on so many important lessons: Loyalty, faith, hard work, goodness, love, devotion, kindness to animals. Anthony DeStefano takes the reader through the life of the Holy Family with their beloved donkey, and shows how the donkey's life mirrors that of Joseph's own service to God and family. After a life of service to the Holy Family, the good donkey is cared for so tenderly by the Holy Family that this part of the book becomes a lessen in how to be good to God's creatures. Towards the end of the book is one of the most exquisite illustrations of Jesus that I have ever seen; as Jesus prepares their beloved animal to enter the "Father's Kingdom." From beginning to end, I loved this book.
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