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Kidnapped in Iraq

In what reads like a dystopian thriller, Alexandre describes the dangerous episodes he experienced assisting Christians, including the perilous twelve-hour bus ride from Damascus to Aleppo and the numerous face-to-face encounters with Islamic rebels — the last of which resulted in his abduction and sixty-six-day captivity by Iraqi terrorists.

Kidnapped in Iraq is a riveting story of bravery and courage and one man’s extraordinary efforts to aid Christians in need. It is also a chilling guidebook on how to fight for justice and proclaim the hope that comes in the triumph of the Cross.

What Catholics Need to Know About Islam

In this highly informative, hard-hitting book, Catholic author William Kilpatrick pulls no punches in courageously confronting the threats posed by Islam. He shows how Muslim activists are employing the same tactics that led to the meteoric rise of the LGBT movement and how they have systematically infiltrated the government, media, business, schools, and even churches. 

He explains how Western self-hatred and political correctness makes jihad possible, and he reveals how the media conceals and covers up for atrocities committed in the name of Islam.


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