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8 Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know

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If you are confused by the array of conflicting teachings that claim to be Catholic, or have found the Catechism too difficult to read, then this book will give you clear, concise, and readable explanations of the foundational truths for living the Catholic faith.

Organized by topic, LaBarbara has pulled from countless Church documents to present a timely and compelling synthesis of not only what the Church teaches, but how those teachings fit together perfectly in a true unity of faith and truth.

Read these pages, and you’ll learn so much more about who God is and who you are, and how fully embracing the Church’s teachings will lead you to truly live the glorious freedom of the children of God.

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Editorial Reviews

Fr. C. John McCloskey III photo

"John LaBarbara has written an excellent book on apologetics that can be a great instrument to bring people to conversion and others to go deeper in their practice of the Catholic faith."

Fr. C. John McCloskey III
Priest and Fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute
Samuel Gregg photo

"LaBarbara slowly unfolds the richness and reasonableness of Catholic faith in ways that are accessible and informative. More books like this are needed by the Church today."

Samuel Gregg
Research Director, Acton Institute
Bishop Liam Cary photo

"With this book John LaBarbara persuasively summons every Catholic to stand with him in hope. It is an honor to endorse this fine book."

Bishop Liam Cary
Diocese of Baker, Oregon
Bishop Michael John Sheridan, S.Th.D. photo

"John LaBarbara has produced a wonderfully useful little catechism for the New Evangelization."

Bishop Michael John Sheridan, S.Th.D.
Diocese of Colorado Springs
Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. photo

"John LaBarbara has written a clear, simple (in the best sense) and compelling book, vivid in style and rich in content, that explains what Catholics believe... As Jesus himself said, the truth will make us free; and this text is a great tool in that task of Christian freedom."

Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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Opened my eyes to the faith
As a "cradle Catholic" I thought I knew my faith. This book enlightened me to many of the basic beliefs and teachings, which were previously misunderstood or unknown to me. My husband and I have shared this book with several friends and family members, and have received positive feedback from all. Thank you Mr. LaBarbara, for your thoughtful, straight-forward presentation.
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Last year at this time, I was attending John LaBarbara's class on apologetics through the Denver Catholic Biblical School. Unfortunately, there is much confusion and misunderstanding about what the Catholic Church teaches. John's book presents the fundamental beliefs of the Church in a clear, easy to understand format. I learned much about the Church's stand on work, politics, charitable giving, etc. But best of all, I was reminded that God wants to have an intimate relationship of love and friendship with each one of us. 10/22/16
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This book does an amazing job of synthesizing so much of the Catholic faith and then making it practical (not to say easy, because it is very challenging) for how the Catholic faith is meant to be lived. It is not something to just be believed, but the belief is meant to actually impact the way you see the work and how you live your life. As the sages say, to know and not to do, is really not to know. I think any, in fact I think EVERY Catholic should read this book, they will all learn something new.
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