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Let There Be No Divisions Among You

With clear, compelling logic bolstered by countless Scriptural confirmations, Fr. John MacLaughlin here considers the oft-heard claim that it doesn't matter what Christian denomination you join, so long as you're sincere.

Formally known as Indifferentism, this view has in recent centuries taken deep root among Christians. Indeed, indifferentism is the enemy not only of Protestantism and Catholicism, but of Christ Himself, who revealed to His apostles scores of truths about Himself and the way of salvation, never encouraging them to pick and choose among those truths.

Not only then, argues Fr. MacLaughlin, is one Christian denomination not as good as another; embracing the wrong one can lead a good-hearted soul into utter unbelief, jeopardizing his salvation.

For this reason, Fr. MacLaughlin devotes the second half of this immensely popular book to delineating for readers the two fundamental characteristics that will ever and always be found in the one Church that Christ founded and to which he intends all men and women to belong.

Among the things you will learn here:

  • How indifferentism threatens your salvation
  • Where Christ forbids preaching some doctrines while ignoring others
  • The two marks the of the true church delineated by Christ Himself
  • Denominational lethargy: how sticking with the Faith you were born into can violate the First Commandment . . . and risk your salvation
  • Decrees of the Council of Jerusalem (ca. 50 a.d.): proof that the apostles themselves denied that one Christian faith is as good as another
  • How consideration of indifferentism draws inquirers to the true church
  • How the profusion of Protestant sects reveals the need for a final authority
  • The universality of the True Church: lt existed already at Pentecost, before the Church spread beyond Jerusalem (and one Church has that very same universality today)
  • The religion revealed by Christ: In its essentials, it's clear, definite, unchanging. Is yours?

Filling Our Father's House

Converts often bring to the Catholic Church an evangelical zeal that can renew and energize even the most tired and battle weary among us.

The Church is hurting for enthusiastic voices to proclaim her teachings on truth and morals. In these pages, Shaun McAfee, a convert from Evangelical Protestantism shows how we can take the best tools of evangelization and use them to reach countless souls with the fullness of the Christian Faith.

With Shaun's help, you'll learn simple ways you can make the visitor in your parish more at home, how to speak compellingly about the Faith, simple ways to integrate daily Scripture reading into your life, why small groups are important for spiritual enrichment, and how to communicate with souls who have never considered joining the Catholic Church.

The simple steps Shaun outlines in these pages will also show priests and lay leaders how to more effectively engage modern society with our Catholic Faith.

Our society is awash in secularism. It's eating away at the sense of God, and the emptying of the pews in our own parishes is its natural effects. What we need is a renewal of enthusiasm for the battle against secularism and this book is a beginner's guide to getting us back on track.

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