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Receive four 18x24 fully colored and illustrated liturgical calendar posters.

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A treasure trove of riches is available to us in the ancient Roman liturgy of the Church. Its feasts and fasts, ember days, rogation days, and octaves make for a rising and falling consistent with that of Gregorian Chant. Yet, we have forgotten so much of it, and recovering these precious traditions in our age of noise and ugliness and cynicism is challenging.

As a small offering to help families – children especially – to see sacred time illuminated in a beautiful and appealing way, Michaela Harrison and her family have together created a set of exquisitely illustrated calendars that bring to life the traditional liturgical calendar. These works of art present time not according to months, but according to the distinct periods of the liturgical year.

With the first half of the year behind us, this set of calendar-posters begins the journey through and after Pentecost. It starts out in brilliant colors, inspired from the art and architecture of Sante-Chapelle, one of the most beautiful churches in France. You'll see the descent of the Holy Ghost, His gifts, and the fruits His grace will bear in well disposed souls. The seven sacraments are presented on the week of the Feast of Corpus Christi like flowing fountains, the grace God pours upon our world. Continue through each week after Pentecost and notice how the Sunday readings connect with the Feast days of each week. These arrangements will differ each year, and present new combinations to ponder within the liturgy. Also, for the first time, the traditional octaves are marked on the appropriate feasts.  The time after Pentecost is not at all empty. Indeed, each week is packed with meaning and theology, so come and see!

Each day the calendars feature a Saint, feast, or feria of that day – including the commemorated saints featured in niches or coves. Themes from the breviary and from Dom Gueranger's The Liturgical Year are woven throughout the imagery for each week. All of the information contained in the genius of the liturgy is there for you to see– the fast days and commemorations, the classes of feasts, the color of the priest's vestments, and now, the traditional octaves – all available at a glance. The images of the saints are taken from medieval and classical art traditions and are represented together in such a way as to show the communion of the saints in our daily lives. With these calendars on the wall, you will never forget a saint's feast day again!

These powerful Catholic calendars are wonderful teaching tools for use in homes, schools, anywhere the faith is taught – and lived.

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