Love That Made Mother Teresa

How Her Secret Visions and Dark Nights Can Help You Conquer the Slums of Your Heart

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The countless sweet photos of her smiling at babies showed Mother Teresa to be a single-minded advocate for the poor. But she was a woman with a will whose strength has been matched by few souls in history. Mother Teresa broke death’s stranglehold on the poor of Calcutta, and she showed us how to conquer the sin and darkness in what she called the “slums of the hearts of modern man.”

Part biography and part spiritual reading, these pages bring to light little-known stories from Mother Teresa’s life that will help you to grow in your love of God. You will learn her approach to reading Scripture, what enabled her to persevere through agonizing nights, and the remarkable — some would say mystical — events that led her to start the Missionaries of Charity.

In considering Mother Teresa, her private visions, and her secret sufferings, David Scott has discovered scores of early episodes and chance encounters that point to later, larger meanings. These remarkable patterns, he suggests, show that Mother Teresa’s life was choreographed from above, as if a divine script had been written for her from before her birth.

In these pages, you will meet for the first time the Mother Teresa who challenged the ancient Goddess of Death and became the first saint of our global village. You will read as she describes, in long-secret letters, the dark night of her soul. The woman you will meet is one that God himself sent to you as a clear sign that despite pain and suffering in our lives and in our world, God’s good love will prevail . . . beginning in the slums of our hearts.

We are all called to holiness, and the saints are sent to us as “real life” examples of God’s love. With Mother Teresa as your guide, you’ll learn how to follow God’s call and find holiness in a world marked by the shadow of death and growing indifference to God. Indeed, you’ll learn how to be an everyday missionary of Christ’s love in the ordinary activities of your daily life.

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Editorial Reviews

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"David Scott’s book, more than any other, shows us the saint and her significance . . . It belongs in the hands of everyone who loves this most beloved of modern women."

Scott Hahn
Jose Gomez photo

"This book reminds us — as Mother Teresa always did — that God calls all of us to holiness, to be saints."

Jose Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Matthew Kelly photo

"For the first time we are given significant insight into the inner-struggles that produced the outer-triumph of this icon of modern holiness."

Matthew Kelly

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This is such a wonderful book about Mother Teresa
This is such a wonderful book about Mother Teresa. It truly is an inspiration to read about the saintliness achieved by such an ordinary and humble woman. The poor people of the world are rich because she was among us for such a long time.
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Must read
I couldn't put the book down. What a beautiful woman of God.
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This is such a beautifully written book
This is such a beautifully written book, and really provides an intimate glimpse into the heart and life of dear Mother Teresa. As one who looks to her for guidance and prayer, it is a comfort for me to learn more about her, and what some of her struggles were, as well as her triumphs. That she experienced a very dark night of the soul for so many years, is also a source of great consolation to me, and when I read about how she lived her life with such joy, I am deeply inspired. The author writes about Mother Teresa with tenderness and sensitivity. It is very worthwhile reading.
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