The Mystery of Faithful Love


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How to have a stronger, happier marriage

These pages will give you what you need to make your marriage a source of profound happiness and lasting peace:

  • Knowledge: You'll come to understand the nature of marriage and its superiority to "living together" and other temporary unions.
  • Love: You'll learn to distinguish love from lust, infatuation, and other common counterfeits; and you'll discover the healing role it can play in the best - and bleakest - of marriages.
  • Faith: You'll come to see how the sacramental marriage of Christians is the fulfillment and perfection of marriage, giving husband and wife what every spouse secretly longs for.

Especially today, this beautiful book - which reveals the sublime vocation of Christian marriage - is a must for anyone who is eager to live worthily this great mystery of love.

Marriage will show you:

  • The one right motive for marrying - and the many wrong ones (some often accepted by Christians)
  • The difference between the meaning of marriage and its purpose (and the dangers of confusing the two)
  • The five ways in which married love differs from other loves
  • Six counterfeit loves: what sometimes passes for love isn't
  • The key role of will in sustaining love
  • Your unhappy marriage: it may be a clear "call" from God
  • How difficulties and suffering can deepen your marriage - and make you and your spouse better persons
  • How marriage reveals God's love and presence
  • How Christianity intensifies married love
  • The meaning of marriage as a sacrament: its promises, its demands, and how it is a source of strength and grace.
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"Clear . . . and utterly faithful to the truth."

Peter Kreeft
  • Pages: 116
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-0-918477-00-2
  • Product Code: 00X
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: November 01, 1984
  • Categories: By Title, eBooks, Marriage and Family Life, Sacraments
A lovely little book on marriage
Von Hildebrand beautifully describes the mystery of conjugal love. Listen to what he says on page 9: "But two human beings can also turn to face one another, and in touching one another in an interpenetrating glance, give birth to a mysterious fusion of their souls. They become conscious of one another, and making the other the object of his contemplation and responses, each can spiritually immerse himself in the other. This is the I-thou relationship, in which the partners are not side by side, but face to face".
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Excellent book for couples of any faith.
von Hildebrand recovers for our modern world a vision of marriage not often believed to be possible, showing that -- in fact -- such a marriage is both eminently possible and _necessary_, a marriage in which the bond is much deeper than legal or emotional, a marriage in which the couple -- as another reivewer noted -- "fight against themselves on behalf of the other." It is a thing of hard work, of surrender, of bliss, and of deep growth and union. It is a path to true sanctity. This is the marriage for which everyone longs but which few realize is possible.
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