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There is no better time to begin—or to renew—the habit of meditation than during the penitential season of Lent.

If you want to combine the spiritual benefits of a holy Lent with the supernatural harvest that regular mental prayer brings, then you stand to profit from Bossuet's Meditations for Lent.

These brief but powerful meditations have been collected from the voluminous writings of the great 17th Century Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, a close follower of St. Vincent de Paul and considered to be among the greatest homilists in Catholic history.

In these pages, Bishop Bossuet will bring you on a stunning inner pilgrimage to encounter Our Lord's divine charity for souls, as He freely gives His life for you on the Cross. "The whole of Christian life consists in making this journey well," says the author. "Why do I hesitate to leave?"

Read Meditations for Lent and avoid arriving at Easter Mass distracted and exhausted, having neglected your sacrifices and even ordinary prayers.

Instead, find yourself coming joyfully unto the altar of God, ready and eager to adore the Risen King, with your soul prepared as a worthy dwelling place for the Redeemer.

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Rev. Paul Check photo

"These meditations will help you enter by the narrow door, just as Jesus urges us. "

Rev. Paul Check
Director of The Courage Apostolate
Dan Burke photo

"Bossuet is a hidden treasure of profound spiritual insight, and his meditations will transform your Lenten experience."

Dan Burke
Executive Director of The National Catholic Register
Robert Royal photo

"Classic wisdom in a crisp new translation that will be of great spiritual value to everyone seeking to live the Faith more fully."

Robert Royal
Faith & Reason Institute
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  • Publication Date: December 20, 2013
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Thank you for introducing me to Bishop Bossuet
I intentionally waited until Ash Wednesday to begin this book and am glad I did. This book is an unexpected support to my lenten practices. I pray with God's grace that I may at least count less the cost of picking up my cross, with the guidance of this book. So far this book is worth a year of Book of the Month Club, especially if you are to introduce me to another writer such as Bishop Bossuet.
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Treasury of Catholic Meditations bundle

Treasury of Catholic Meditations

This four-volume set of meditations have been carefully selected to lift your soul to God while affording you an admirable distillation of the doctrines and piety of our Holy Catholic Church.


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