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Getting to Know the Mother of God

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She's the simple peasant girl they call the Queen of Heaven. She's the Lord's humble servant, yet an icon of womanly strength. She's ever virgin and the mother of all. Sinners fly to her, but an angel bowed!

She's Mary, the mother of Jesus: the most recognized woman in history. And the most misunderstood!

Many Protestants grudgingly acknowledge that someone had to bear the Savior, but they otherwise regard Mary as an ordinary, sinful woman.

Even if you're a Catholic who grew up with a statue of Mary next to your bed, you probably don't understand her as well as you think — or should.

  • Do you know the Church's four essential Marian doctrines?

  • Do you know how these doctrines are rooted in Scripture and Sacred Tradition?

  • Can you explain to others the difference between the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth?

  • Can you share the messages and secrets of Mary's most famous apparitions?

Meet Mary: Getting to Know the Mother of God is a slim volume written by renowned Marian expert Mark Miravalle, and it will help you answer these questions — and more!

After reading these pages, you'll know the faithful truth about this woman of contradictions: everything the Bible says about her, what the early Christians believed, and each of the key teachings the Church has proclaimed about her for 2,000 years!

Even more important — for Mary herself desires to be known intimately, not academically — you'll learn how to enter into a personal relationship with her. You'll come to regard her not as a distant and unapproachable figure in the heavens, but as a real friend and mother.

Most of all, you'll become a better disciple of Jesus. For the Son commands us to imitate Him in all things—including perfect love of His Mother.

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A book for everyone to read
This book should be read by all people; as the author explains in his introduction, Mary is important to all people, not just Christians and certainly not just Catholics. Readers who are not Christian will appreciate his tone - which focuses on explanation rather than conversion. Non-Catholics will find the scriptural, historical and dogmatic details robust enough to answer many questions. Note that books like Dr. Miravalle's "Introduction to Mary" would provide a more thorough apologetic (written at an undergraduate level). Catholic readers will enjoy the sound representation of Catholic belief and devotion, and all Christians will like the Christocentric tone, "Devotion to Mary never ends with Mary. It's proper end is always Christ"
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t will enlighten you and possibly change your heart and mind!!!
I have read this book many times and now call Mary my mother. Although you wouldn't have to do so yourself to benefit from this book, just to be more educated is a benefit in itself. Highly recommend for all Christians, Catholic or Protestant, or those curious about the Christian faith!
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