More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

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Age Range: 4 and up

Charming Catholic tales

Here are stories of princes and gypsies, bishops and bears - tales of Catholic boys and girls that remind us that especially in young souls the Faith is quite strong, and evil is never a match for goodness.

Among others, you'll meet:

  • Bernard, the boy who walks three miles to Mass and meets Christ on his way;


  • Nickie, the young prince who learns from a dancing bear a strong lesson in love;


  • Tommy, who uses kindness and two minnows to heal a bishop and save a school;


  • Osbert and Rupert, gypsy twins who make a donkey of themselves to bring peace to the world;


  • Joey, the stable boy whose coat is transformed when his donkey bears Jesus to Jerusalem; and


  • Kathleen, who goes without candy and brings a shopkeeper back to the Faith.


  • Soviet cows, Marian icons, pet mice, Easter roosters, Noah and the ark, fish, donkeys, and even a dinosaur: they're all here in a dozen charming tales of children living their Faith while having great Catholic fun.

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  • Pages: 160
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Clever and Amusing
Clever and amusing, these are not cute, little moral stories to teach your children a lesson. With unusual twists, each story holds your attention to the end. Houselander takes a truth and turns it upside down. When Anna goes to church to bitterly complain about all her problems, she wishes she could be the Blessed Mother. To her great surprise,she becomes the Madonna in the picture and soon realizes that life for the Blessed Mother, and those who come to pray to her, is not so glamorous. This is just one of many unique stories your children will enjoy.
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More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
We have Catholic tales for Boys and Girls and have read it so much that and really love it that we decided to purchase this one also. Our children love this book too. Caryll Houselander is a wonderful writer, she draws pictures with her words. I would not hesitate to recommend this book. We plan on reading it for years to come.
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