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How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul

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On January 1, 2000, Holly Pierlot pounded her fist on the kitchen table and yelled at her husband, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Motherhood and homeschooling had overwhelmed her. The house was dirty, the laundry undone. Holly felt frustrated, discouraged, and alone. She couldn’t find time to snuggle and have fun with her five children or to go out with her husband. Yes, she loved Philip and she did love God, but she had come to resent Philip’s freedom and she almost never found time for prayer.

Today, everything’s better.

Holly still homeschools, but the house is cleaner, she gets more done, and the kids are happier. There’s less stress, less strife, and less housework. Holly’s been healed of past wounds that troubled her soul and her marriage. Best of all, she spends at least an hour each day in prayer and time each evening with Philip.

Holly brought about these changes with what she calls her Mother’s Rule of Life, a pattern for living that combines the spiritual wisdom of the monastery with the practical wisdom of motherhood.

Holly’s Rule is not just another set of schedules; it’s a way for Christian mothers to answer God’s call to holiness.

With the help of your own Rule, you can get control of your own household, grow closer to God, come to love your husband more, and raise up good Christian children. In these wise and practical pages, Holly shows you how.

Do you want to be a better wife and mother? To have more order in your life? To grow in union with God? Are you desperate yet?

With your own Mother’s Rule of Life, you’ll transform motherhood and its burdens into the joyful vocation it’s meant to be. Learn from Holly Pierlot how to craft a Rule that’s right for you and your family. Then use that Rule to help God draw you, your husband, and each of your children into Heaven!


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Catholic Mothers — Save 35% bundle

Catholic Mothers — Save 35%

A Mother's Rule of Life will teach you a pattern of living that will help you manage your household, grow closer to God, come to love your husband more, and raise up good Catholic children. Holiness for Housewives will help you to discover a path to sanctity in your vocation as a housewife.

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This book changed my life!
This book is filled with words of wisdom. You will want to read it more than once to absorb it all. This book has changed my life. In the first week of implementing my rule, I had more time than I ever imagined to spend with my children and in prayer. Without a doubt one of the best, life-changing books I've ever read. Worth EVERY penny.
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Absolutely Life Changing - A True Gift to Mothers!
This book has made a radical positive difference in my life. It has shown me how to order my life so that I am doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing, and doing them well. Mrs. Pierlot's perspective on the meaning of our lives as wives, mothers, and children of God was astounding - and it seems so obvious now that she's pointed it out to me, but it never occured to me on my own. She teaches us how to prioritize and truly value all that we do. My home has been a much happier, holier, and cleaner place since I read this book! I think every Catholic mother could benefit from reading this book. Every Catholic mother could benefit from instituting her own "rule" of life. I wish I could afford to hand these out to every mom who walks in the door at Church!
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A Mother's Rule Of Life
My husband brought this book home for me and I have thanked him multiple times for doing so. It is easy to read and gives detailed steps in helping organize your schedule and spiritual life. Two things in which I really needed some direction. I found peace while reading it. I have to admit though that I have not exactly been very good at sticking to the schedule I developed but hopefully I will be able to do that soon. A great book for anyone feeling overwhelmed with their vocation as wife and mother.
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