My Path to Heaven

A Young Person's Guide to the Faith

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Age Range: 5 and up

For your children:
An old-fashioned "Retreat-in-a-Book" . . . to help them ponder the truths of the Faith and live lives of holiness in accordance with those truths

Based on the traditional St. Ignatius retreat (trusted by Catholics for centuries) and adapted for children, this clear, simple, thoughtful presentation of the Faith is invaluable for parents seeking to form their children in holiness.

My Path to Heaven covers such essentials of the Faith as God's will, angels, Heaven and Hell, the Fall of man, the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Nativity, the Passion, salvation, the sacraments, faith, hope, love, and contrition, and it teaches children the relevance of these truths in their lives and in the decisions they make.

This unique book is:

Practical: it focuses on proper devotion and right action, not feelings

Serious: it acknowledges and speaks to the deep seriousness that attentive parents know lies in the hearts of even the very youngest children

Substantial: it considers central points of the Faith and addresses the issues that face every Christian, even the youngest

Prayerful: by speaking reverently of holy things, it inspires children to develop in devotion to Jesus, Mary, and the saints

Scriptural: chapters include numerous Scripture references

Among the topics:

  • Three ways to help your child make good choices


  • The victory promised to those who try to be holy


  • Free will: a great gift (and a great responsibility)


  • God's overwhelming mercy and patience


  • Christ's plan to train children to follow Him


  • God's generosity: why He deserves all our love


  • Satan: how your child can avoid the Devil's traps


  • Heaven: why now is the time to begin seeking it

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  • Pages: 96
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-0-918477-48-4
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Fabulous gift to start a child on the path to meditation
This Ignatian-retreat-in-a-book is so beautiful. I gave it to my daughter to use as an in-home "silent" retreat. For the three days prior to her First Holy Communion, she did 4 half-hour segments a day with a chapter each time, with other prayers throughout the day, like the Rosary, stations, etc. It made her feel very grown up to do her own retreat, and the silence and gentle introduction to prayer was such a wonderful experience, and preparation for receiving the One she loves a few days later.
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Excellent content rich book to help children grow in faith
This book is rich in meticulous, thought-provoking illustrations coupled with in-depth reflexions to help children grow in understanding and living their Catholic faith. I hope all the children in my parish read it with their parents and godparents!
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