Overcoming Sinful Thoughts

How to Realign Your Thinking and Defeat Harmful Ideas


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Satan is constantly at work disturbing our peace, corrupting our thoughts, demoralizing us in our weaknesses, and diverting our attention away from God. His goal: to paralyze our spiritual efforts and mire us in a life of sin.

Sin begins in our minds, so we must train ourselves to root out evil thoughts before they take hold—or deter them from entering in the first place. In this powerful, life-changing book, Fr. Thomas Morrow shows us how the devil uses our thoughts to throw us off balance and draw us into sin. He also explains how our thoughts can dissuade us from doing good and even inhibit us from developing intimacy with God.

Fr. Morrow will also show you:

  • Why God allows suffering in the world

  • John Paul II's pivotal advice for controlling your sexual desires

  • The reason Satan wants you to aim for purgatory

  • Why you must never regard Confession as embarrassing

  • How the devil tempts you to believe that venial sins aren't so bad

  • How to prevent loneliness from becoming the devil's playground

  • Why it's wrong to believe that governing your feelings means you can't be yourself

The root cause of sinful thinking is a misunderstanding of the world God has created and the Truth His Son has revealed. Ultimately, the precept that every Christian must accept is that nothing in this world can satisfy our longing for happiness—other than God and the Life to which He calls us. This book reveals that Life and shows you how to claim it.

Mike Aquilina photo

"Father Morrow is doing today what great spiritual directors like Boylan, Tanquerey, and Garrigou-Lagrange did in the last century. He’s making the great Christian tradition accessible and useful for a new generation. He’s making a better world by helping us all to be the saints God wants us to be. A better world begins in these pages — with better thoughts."

Mike Aquilina
EWTN host and author, "The Fathers of the Church"
Kevin Wells photo

"In his well-known unflinching manner, Fr. Morrow shovels down to the root of our attachments and sinful tendencies, then holds up the saving, sacred heirlooms that set us free. Through whimsical storytelling and a weaving of a tapestry of saints, Old Testament prophets, scripture, ancient prayers, Our Lady, and Christ himself, Fr. Morrow brings warmth to our souls."

Kevin Wells
Author, "The Priests We Need to Save the Church"
  • Pages: 240
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook, Kindle
  • ISBN: 978-1-622826-308
  • Product Code: 6308
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: January 21, 2021
  • Categories: By Title, New Releases

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