Patience and Humility

A Handbook for Christians

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Find lasting happiness through the two virtues that lead to all others: patience and humility.

Heroism, self-denial, and even martyrdom are worthless without humility and patience. This book shows you how to develop these two key virtues, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be.

You'll learn why Jesus said that to save your life, you must first lose it, and you'll come to see how the self-surrender in humility and patience is guaranteed to bring you lasting peace and happiness.

From this simple book you'll learn many things:

  • Ten ways you can start acquiring patience today
  • Why God's patience is the guarantee of your salvation
  • Humility: why it's the foundation of our Christian Faith
  • The startling reason why God rejects the proud
  • The four ways that patience heals the soul
  • Easily hurt or disappointed? Learn the Lord's antidote!
  • How to avoid all spiritual injury - forever!
  • Why humility is the very core of holiness
  • The battle for your soul: do you know who's winning?
  • God's own humility: it's a searing lesson for the proud
  • Minor troubles: how to keep them from overwhelming you
  • The secret rewards of humility that only the humble know
  • Five obstacles to virtue: how to overcome them
  • Why troubles may be your most valuable possessions
  • How faith depends on the virtue of humility
  • Three obstacles to prayer: a simple way to wipe them out
  • Six conditions for making your prayer more effective
  • Spiritual problems: how to gain strength to overcome them
  • And many other truths to make your life happier and holier

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"A classic - theology brought down to earth."

Rev. John Hardon

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Patience & Humility Set — Save 35% bundle

Patience & Humility Set — Save 35%

Patience & Humility will teach you how to cultivate these virtues — and they lead to all others! Spiritual Combat was carried by St. Francis de Sales for 18 years and includes practical advice for overcoming spiritual obstacles and attaining inner peace.

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Excellent book!
Nothing wishy-washy, no glossing over of sin. Just old-school Catholic spirituality. One thing to bear in mind while reading is that it was written over 100 years ago, in England. It's a breath of fresh air from the past!
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Excellent - 100% Recommend
I've never submitted a review on a book before, but I feel compelled to do so by this book's importance and excellence - 100% recommend.
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