Philip Rivers

Passion and Purpose


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Here’s the perfect book for young football fans who want to meet Philip Rivers: the eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback who has united his love of the Catholic Faith to his love of football. 
In page after page of full color photographs, you’ll follow Philip since he was a boy and had big dreams — and an even bigger love of football. You'll see him rise through the ranks, from Athens High School to North Carolina State, and finally to the Chargers. You’ll discover those qualities of character that separated Philip from so many other young NFL hopefuls. Most importantly, you’ll find out how he proudly united his love of the Catholic Faith to his love of football, relying constantly on God and the saints in the face of challenges on and off the field.

Here you’ll read about some of the key moments in Philip’s career, including:

  • His reputation for dramatic comebacks in college and professional football
  • His storied competition with quarterback Drew Brees, which fostered an unlikely friendship
  • His infamous “humble fumble”—and how he turned this embarrassing error into a profound success
  • His incredible performance against the New England Patriots despite a torn ACL—and the unexpected help he received just before the game
  • The miraculous meeting that helped him recover from a devastating back injury

Whether you hope to become an outstanding athlete, earn good grades, or deepen your faith, Philip’s story will encourage you to persevere on your journey, no matter the challenges you face.


  • Pages: 44
  • Format(s): Sale-priced ppbk
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-062-9
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  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
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please forgive me, however, you failed to mention that Phillp was a San Diego Charger until the owner sold the team and city out and moved to LA. where Phillip only played 1 year. He was a SAN DIEGO CHARGER and we loved him very much!! He was a truly great player and a great example of a CATHOLIC MAN!!!i couldn't buy the book because it still hurts.
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Excellent book for young boys.
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Great for the young Catholic sports enthusiast!
Philip Rivers: Passion and Purpose is unique in the fact that where I live, Philip is a local football star. There are some men who can read this with their sons and in turn, tell stories of playing with or against him in High School. What sets Passion and Purpose apart from other books is how Philip relies heavily on Catholic Faith for his success both on the field and off. This book is for men who are seeking virtue not just for themselves, but looking to either reinforce or introduce virtue to their sons or grandsons as well.
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Classic Bible Comics Set bundle

Classic Bible Comics Set

These two children's books will provide hours of entertainment and countless lessons from our beloved Catholic Faith.


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