Pilgrimage to the Museum

Man's Search for God Through Art and Time


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Have you ever visited a museum and found the narrations in the self-guided-tour headsets a bit tedious? Slightly too clinical, perhaps? And have you ever noticed that God is rarely mentioned in art museums these days, unless in a cold, archaeological, “scientific” way? All of that is about to change.

In Pilgrimage to the Museum, author-curator Stephen Auth takes you on a provocative and colorful journey through the history of Western art, interpreted through a lens of profound Christian faith — appropriately so since, in Auth's view, much of Western art expresses humanity's search for God, the Divine Artist-Creator.

In this beautifully illustrated voyage, drawn largely from works on display at New York's popular Metropolitan Museum of Art, you will experience the ups and downs of humanity's determined quest. Leaving all the art-history jargon at the front door, Auth will transport you in his spiritual time machine from Egypt's Old Kingdom, through Greece and Rome, to medieval Europe; from the age of the Renaissance, through the Ages of Exploration and Enlightenment; and from the rise of atheism in the late 1800s to the seeds of a spiritual rebirth in the modern era. Along the way, you will experience anew the masterpieces of many artists, from Polykleitos to Raphael, Duccio to Rembrandt, Monet to Picasso.

Through the works of these great artists, you will encounter the profound truths that lead many to God and cause many others to wonder. You will discover how various themes and motifs of man's struggle to find God occur, morph, fade, and then reoccur centuries later. As you laugh, cry, and pray your way through this illuminating voyage, you will emerge refreshed and renewed in your own journey to God— and you will never look at a work of art the same way again.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan photo

"Anyone who knows and admires Stephen Auth, as I am happy to say I do, realizes he detects the divine everywhere and in everybody. Even at the 'Met' Stephen observes hints of God in the art that abounds. He's convinced me!"

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
Jim Towey photo

"Auth takes you on a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that will leave you marveling at how God in every age inspires and unleashes beauty through great artists and their works."

Jim Towey
Founder/CEO, Aging with Dignity
Father Roger J. Landry photo

"In Pilgrimage to the Museum, Stephen Auth leads us on an enthusiastic adventure through art history, giving us eyes to look not just at art but at life. It will leave you unable to look at art the same way again."

Father Roger J. Landry
Author, Plan of Life: Habits to Help You Grow Closer to God
John Garvey photo

"Pilgrimage to the Museum invites its reader on a spiritual journey through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Summoning us to the great masterpieces of the ages, it bids us to find not only an illumination of man’s great longing for God but an invitation to renew our own."

John Garvey
President, Catholic University of America
Elizabeth Lev photo

"Pilgrimage to the Museum provides an extraordinarily coherent and inspiring itinerary through the wealth of works in the Metropolitan Museums of Art"

Elizabeth Lev
Author, The Silent Knight
Tim Busch photo

"The Auths are right: Art attracts people to faith. Their beautiful new book is the proof. Its artful approach both moves the heart and speaks to the mind, drawing clear inspiration from the Holy Spirit."

Tim Busch
Founder of Napa Institute, a Catholic Lay Apostolate
Jason De Sena Trennert photo

"Auth’s spiritual and artistic journey through New York’s Metropolitan Museum will be a moving and thoroughly enjoyable tour for people of faith or those simply fans of art."

Jason De Sena Trennert
Strategas Group
Fr. Mark Haydu photo

"Steve and Evelyn artfully guide us through one of the world’s great Museums to tackle the most meaningful issue of our existence: humanity’s search for God. Enjoy the journey – you will be better for it!"

Fr. Mark Haydu
Author, Meditations on Vatican Art
  • Pages: 240
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-716-1
  • Product Code: 7161
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: July 25, 2022
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