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True Stories from a Modern Missionary

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Remembered as a devoted and passionate defender of the Faith, Cardinal Edward Egan played a pivotal role in revitalizing the Catholic Church in New York. From strengthening parishes and schools to expanding religious education programs and inviting new religious orders to the City, he left an indelible mark on the faithful in New York and beyond.

In the year prior to his death in March 2015, Cardinal Egan collected and edited fifty articles he had written over several decades to be published in this single volume.

With an approachable yet elegant style, you’ll read about his interaction with a music store clerk who reluctantly sold him heavy-metal music he was buying as research for an upcoming talk to students. You’ll read how the books he gave to two pagans led them to pray together for the first time, and how he convinced a hotel manager to read a chapter from St. Francis de Sales’s Introduction to the Devout Life.

Cardinal Egan was an evangelizer and a modern missionary. As he said himself, all of his efforts as a priest were “practice” for getting into heaven.

Read this book and you’ll come to a greater appreciation of Cardinal Egan’s life and accomplishments, and you’ll peer into the mind of one of America’s most respected and well-regarded Cardinals.

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Editorial Reviews

Cardinal Timothy Dolan photo

"We can now all enjoy the wonderfully effective prose of this master teacher."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York
Virginia Barton photo

"This is a book of hope for every age, for men and women, old or young; for folk believing in God, and for those who don't."

Virginia Barton
Oxford, England
Brian D. Wallace photo

"Cardinal Egan has the eye of a painter, the ear of a musician, the soul of a parish priest, always willing to accompany others and to find joy and meaning in life as he 'practiced for heaven."

Brian D. Wallace
Fairfield County Catholic, Diocese of Bridgeport
Dr. Jeff Mirus photo

"Inspiring insights into Catholic spiritual life and faith."

Dr. Jeff Mirus

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