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Praying for Priests New Edition

Priests are called to fight evil, but they cannot fight it alone. As attacks on the priesthood intensify, you have a vital role to play in supporting priestly renewal and vocations. Those men who have answered God s call depend upon you to wield the most powerful weapon against the evil one prayer.
In this newly revised 2018 edition, celebrated retreat master and author Kathleen Beckman addresses the current abuse crisis facing the Church. She offers Church-approved ways in which you can contribute to the welfare of the Church. Priests, seminarians, consecrated religious, and laypeople will all benefit from insights into the indispensability of the Catholic priesthood, the mission of praying for priests in the context of the New Evangelization, testimonies of spiritual mothers and priests, and scriptural rosaries dedicated to priests, vocations, and reparation. Although both men and women are responsible for priestly renewal, Kathleen explains the special vocation of spiritual motherhood of priests. This vocation is embedded with graces that enable women to work together with Our Lady and the Holy Spirit for the sanctification of priests.
Holier priests lead to a holier Church. Because prayer is a source of grace and the mother of all virtues, you can call down showers of graces upon the priesthood. The Church and her priests need your prayers now more than ever, and here you ll find your special calling from God that must be fulfilled for the salvation of souls.

Included in this new edition are features, prayers, and topics such as:

  • Expanded Chapter of Prayers, Devotions, Spiritual Practices
  • Lectio Divina at the end of each chapter
  • Current Crisis in Church: A Spiritual Battle Begs a Spiritual Response
  • The Ars Model: Priests, Warfare, Victory
  • The Urgency for the Salvation of Souls
  • “For Such a Time as This” (Esther 4:14)
  • Holy Orders: Necessity, Beauty, Challenge
  • Priests Affect Our Growth in Holiness
  • Mary, Priests, and Spiritual Motherhood
  • The Role of the Laity
  • The Church’s Vision
  • Rosary Reflections, Stations of the Cross, and Litanies of Reparation
  • Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat

Roses Among Thorns

As he did for saints and sinners in his own time, St. Francis de Sales will stiffen your resolve, help you gain small victories over unruly passions, and restore in you a trusting confidence in Jesus Christ. Soon you’ll find yourself delivered from the chains of self-love as your soul opens to divine goodness and your heart shaped into a fitting place for Christ to dwell and reign eternally.

If you find it difficult to live amid the clamor of the world with your eyes fixed on Christ alone, let St. Francis de Sales teach you how to live as a true rose among thorns as you learn . . .

  • What to do when you stop finding consolation during prayer
  • How to place yourself in the presence of God
  • How busy people should pray
  • Do you fear vice more than you love virtue? A guide to discernment
  • How to be patient with your family
  • The dangers of too many devotions
  • How to know when your feelings are from God or the devil
  • What to do about repeated spiritual dryness
  • The three things you must do to be at peace
  • How to avoid thoughts that give us anxious and restless minds

Absorb the wisdom in these holy pages, and you’ll soon make true progress on your spiritual journey and navigate with confidence the treacherous waters of our secular world.


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