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I have to act civil when I see him. That was part of the agreement. So, I plaster a fake smile on my face and bat my eyelashes at him.

"Hello, Sinclair. I hope you had a nice weekend."


He says it as if my name is an answer.


So begins this high-caliber, fast-paced, tear-jerker, full of jealousy, love, loss, intrigue, and even murder . . . with our Catholic faith woven gently in, a lovely silk thread in a grand and tragic tapestry.

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Rachel Winters had nothing, won it all, and then lost everything.

After the death of her daughter, grief-spawned delusions cause Rachel to lose her husband, her home, and custody of her son.

Help arrives from two unlikely sources: a young teen, Lilly, battling her own demons, and a tattered holy card depicting St. Thérèse of Lisieux.


As Rachel grows closer to Lilly and comes to know St. Thérèse, unbidden memories from her edgy past reveal fearful mysteries of seduction, madness, and murder . . . and a truth that will haunt her forever.

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  • Pages: 352
  • Format(s): Sale-priced ppbk, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-933184-722
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Rachael's Contrition
My husband purchased this book for me. It was a very compelling read and kept me surprised with its twists and turns. Michele writes very well. Great Catholic fiction.
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Needs more than five stars! Incredibly Powerful Fiction
Every now and then, a novel comes along that is so powerful and so well-written that it will stay with you forever. "Rachel's Contrition" by Michelle Buckman is that kind of novel. Part of the Chisel and Cross imprint from Sophia Institute Press, it is Catholic fiction at its finest. If you are looking for light-hearted escapism, this is not the story for you. Rather, this is a story that delves into the deepest and darkest parts of humanity. Throughout the course of this book, the reader must face the evils of jealousy, murder, rape, and the inner workings of a mentally ill mind.
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Rachel's Contrition
Great book, It is so nice to read a fiction novel that does not embarace you to read - most have too much sex, foul language and graphic violence, this book was very discreat and such a nice change of pace and was very accurate in regards to the Catholic Faith - I will highly recommend this book.
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