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Have you heard the story about the Crusades? You know, the one about how medieval Europe’s greedy kings and intolerant popes launched bloody wars of conquest on the peaceful and enlightened Muslims?

Of course you have. Today’s media, movies, and academic elites — always looking for ways to bash the Church — never tire of telling it. Even many Catholics would prefer to sweep under the rug what they assume to be a dark and embarrassing period of our history.

There’s only one problem with this story: It’s totally false.

In The Real Story of the Crusades, historian Steve Weidenkopf replaces the prevailing anti-Catholic narrative with a factual account of Christendom’s struggle to liberate and defend the Holy Land. In the process he cuts through common lies, myths, and exaggerations, such as:

  • The Crusades were unprovoked attacks on a peaceful, superior culture.

  • The true motive behind the Crusades was not piety but avarice.

  • Crusading soldiers were cruel anti-Semites and racists.

  • Muslim terrorism is a result of—and even justified by—long memories of what the Crusaders did centuries ago.

  • Listen to this lively and eye-opening presentation and learn to answer these myths and more. You’ll also equip yourself to help remedy a great historical injustice by telling the world the real story of the brave soldiers who long ago gave their lives for the Cross.

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