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Age Range: 4 and up

For your children: a Rosary book to help them ponder the truths of our Faith and grow in love for Our Lord and Our Lady.

A Rosary for Children is a beautifully-produced hardcover, spiral-bound book that offers children a clear, simple, thoughtful presentation of the Faith. This is an ideal introduction to one of the Church’s most powerful prayers. The book features:

  • An overview of the Rosary—written so clear and simple that any child will come to understand the power of this prayer.

  • The promises of love and protection Our Lady offers to all those who pray the Rosary.

  • Instructions on how to pray the Rosary with discernment and devotion.

  • An explanation of each mystery with questions that help the child ponder the mysteries and apply them to their own lives.

  • A Rosary for Children has received both the Imprimatur and the Nihil Obstat and is filled with beautiful and appropriate images of Our Lady.

    A Rosary for Children also includes a finger rosary ring so children can follow along with the prayers, as well as a self-standing image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This book offers a clear, simple, thoughtful presentation of the Faith ideal for forming children in holiness.

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    • Pages: 84
    • Format(s): Hardback
    • ISBN: 9786079504113
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