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The organ accompaniments and choral supplement must be used in conjunction with the Pew Edition, which contains more comprehensive indices and complete information about hymn sources, translators, theology, text sharing, melody sharing, copyright, and so forth. Every hymn with notes in the Pew Edition has been given an organ accompaniment. Out of respect for organists who simultaneously serve as cantors, each verse has been written out! The Choral Supplement is marvelous, and adds wonderful solemnity. (Nonetheless, the normal way to involve a congregation in hymn singing is “German style,” that is: unison+organ). The way each verse is written out—for the first time in history—will thrill all those who sing from this book.

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  • Pages: 1192
  • Format(s): Hardback
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  • Product Code: A74365
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  • Publication Date: January 01, 2001
  • Categories: Hymnals and Missals
Sadly, this is a terrible book from what I’ve seen. There is no Latin for the hymns that you wanted originally. I do not like all the verses written out as it is too cluttered, and no real index in the back of the book! Lastly, there is no easy titles at the top of each page. They are mixed in throughout the pages. 1 star.
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