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Because he was big and strong and sometimes slow to speak, Thomas Aquinas's schoolmates called him the Dumb Ox. Not long afterward, he came to be called Doctor (which means "teacher") because he could actually understand complicated things quickly and explain them well. Which is what he loved to do, preaching often and writing in the course of his lifetime no fewer than eighty-five works of philosophy and theology books that changed the Church and the world. Indeed, in 1320, less than fifty years after Thomas died, Thomas's biographer said that "throughout the entire world Thomas's teachings have spread among the faithful, and the whole Church is instructed by his voice."

Today, the Church Herself calls Saint Thomas Aquinas the Angelic Doctor ("the teacher who is like an angel"): pure, strong, close to God, and truly a messenger of divine light.

Scholar he was, but to those who knew him, Saint Thomas gave not only beautiful sermons and books, but also his heart, his devotion, and his love. Initially written for children, but a delight for grownups as well, these pages show the beauty and holiness that belonged especially to Saint Thomas Aquinas, the man of learning who was also a man of God: the patron saint of all those, young and old, who love the truth with their whole hearts, and who wish to know and serve it well.

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A fine addition to any children's religious collection
Being slow to speak does not imply slowness in the head, but perhaps contemplation. "Saint Thomas Aquinas" tells the story of the thirteenth century saint who rose from being viewed as an oaf to one of the most important thinkers of his time. Known as a saint of teaching, Thomas Aquinas' story is one that many a Christian teacher (or aspiring Christian teacher) will relate to. "Saint Thomas Aquinas" is a fine addition to any children's religious collection.
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Thomas, Angelic Doctor / Raissa O Maritain
Raissa Oumansoff Maritain was the wife of the famous philosopher Jacques Maritain, and a great philosopher in her own right. Many philosophers like to talk to other philosophers, and lecture in universities, and participate in Symposia. In this little book, Raissa trys to do something else. She uses her talent as a fine philosopher to present the life of Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest of philosophers, to children. Her husband wrote a book "Introduction to Philosophy " which is a good 'first book in Philosophy' for college students. This little book "Saint Thomas Aquinas" is a good 'first book in philosophy' for children, as well as being an excellent biography of Thomas.
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