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Help from over 350 saints: the souls best qualified to teach you to cope with life's troubles

Whatever you're struggling with, you're not alone: there's a saint who is not only praying for you before the throne of God, but who went through the same thing you're going through. In Saintly Solutions, Fr. Joseph Esper introduces you to over 350 saints who suffered in ways that you and I suffer every day, and who will bring you, too, to peace!

Fr. Esper considers over forty of life's common problems, showing how saints overcame these challenges and difficulties, and even grew holier as they did so. Better yet, he explains how you can, too.

In each chapter, Fr. Esper includes thought-provoking quotes from saints for further reflection, a practical section entitled "Something you might try," and solid recommendations for further reading. That makes Saintly Solutions immensely valuable for everyone who struggles with life's common problems and wants to face them with the unquenchable joy of the saints!

Here's help from the saints on:

Anger • anxiety • argumentativeness • boredom • broken friendships • business difficulties • conception and pregnancy difficulties • concern for departed loved ones • criticism • depression • distractions during prayer • distrust in God • doubts • drunkenness • envy • failure • false accusations • family difficulties • financial difficulties • gloominess • gluttony • gossip • greed • grief • guilt • illness • impatience • irritations • irreligious children • judgmentalness • loneliness • lust • marital problems • old age • pride • self-indulgence • spiritual dryness • tardiness • temptations • timidity and aggressiveness • uncertainty • unforgiveness • unpopularity • and much more!

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"A truly useful compendium of practical wisdom from the most godly sources in the world. Reading this book is like entering a cathedral."

Peter Kreeft

"Catholics seeking relief from temptations and difficulties may find comfort in Saintly Solutions by Father Joseph Esper. Esper notes that the saints, too, had to struggle with life's problems, and their example can be inspirational to those who are in need. The book is full of useful anecdotes and practical suggestions."

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Fantastic! Extremely Helpful!
This is a fantastic book! Whatever problem you are struggling with, you will find an answer and help here. And if you just enjoy reading about the Saints, you will find this book excellent for that as well. Fr. Esper takes many different common problems and then shares which Saints also struggled with these problems or sins. He shares how they overcame the problem, and what other Saints also may have had to say. He shares relevant scripture and quotes from the Saints. He then provides an extremely helpful section called "What you might try" that offers concrete suggestions for conquoring sin and dealing with problems in a holy manner. This is a very complete and inspiring volume. I can't recommend it highly enough - it is wonderful!
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I started reading it at a time when I knew there were serious flaws in my attitude, only I couldn't figure out exactly why, or what to do about them. I'm also poor at reading the Bible and other spiritual books. This book was exactly what I needed! Each day I would read about the worst problem I was having (starting with IRRITATION!), and the stories about the saints who faced those same problems were outstanding. It helped me immensely. The list of problems covered is also very well thought out and realistic. I hope to progress to reading books written by the saints, but reading Fr. Esper's excerpts was much easier for me at this time. One of the things I love most about this book is Fr. Esper's selection of topics: anger, depression, unpopularity, gluttony, and so many more ... how amazing to find a book with topics I can relate to so well! Some of my favorites thus far have been "irritations" and "gloominess." Lastly, I'm amazed that Fr. Esper is sufficiently acquainted with such a wide number of saints as to be able to quote so many of them on each of these somewhat obscure topics. What a treasure trove of education and inspiration! This has truly helped me more than years of therapy!
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