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Age Range: 8 and up
Tales of Jesus to read aloud

Every Christian culture has given us touching legends and charming stories of the wondrous deeds of the Child Jesus. Many of these tales reveal to children the generous ways He helps them when they're unhappy or afflicted.

More than a century ago, A. Fowler Lutz collected the best of these legends. Although they spring from lands as various as France, Norway, and Greece, Germany, Syria, and China, these stories have many excellent things in common.

Each has the simplicity of goodness, and each is rich with the faith of ordinary people who aren't surprised by miracles. In these stories, they even seem to expect miracles!

The young heroes of these tales have a faith simpler than ours, and stronger. They know that Jesus is close to us, no matter how far away He may seem. They trust that He's walking with us every step of our way, no matter how steep and rocky our path may be.

That's the faith you'll find in these Stories of the Child Jesus, an innocent faith you can instill in your own little ones by reading them these charming sweet tales out loud.

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Great read aloud or on your own
I'm reading this to my children right now and am we're really enjoying it. The stories are rich, captivating and heartfelt. It's written well (not dumbed down), yet is not too hard for children to understand. And while some parts may require some explaining for some kids, the stories are so beautiful and engaging, they'll be intrigued. Hope you enjoy it as much as we are. smile
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My kids adore this book - A+++++
My kids and I just LOVE this book. These little stories will captivate your children over and over again. I am actually reading one story in my 3rd grader's class tomorrow. Some of these will have you in tears, most will inspire, and all will touch your heart and change it just a touch for the better. Little children will be enriched and grow from these beautiful little stories of children like themselves who experience the infant Divine Child.
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