The Cross of Christ and Its Meaning for You

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The greatest test of your faith won't come from Bible-quoting Protestants or polite young Mormons on bicycles! No, your greatest test will be whether you will trust God when you suffer, or whether you will, in the words of Job's wife, "curse God and die."

In Suffering: The Cross of Christ and Its Meaning for You, Dom Hubert van Zeller helps you prepare now for all your sufferings by enabling you to see them with the eyes of the Spirit.

Van Zeller, the wise author of Holiness for Housewives, maintains that you can understand the mystery of suffering only by means of the Passion of Christ. In this book, he explores the fourteen Stations of the Cross, plumbing the inner meanings of each in order to reveal why there has to be pain, and what you should do (and should not do) about it.

In his explorations of the Stations, van Zeller finds a great deal to help you in dark times. He reminds you that suffering, properly understood, cannot and should not extinguish happiness, and shows you how to accept your crosses with love. He reveals how you can learn from Christ Himself to turn your failures into victories, and to alleviate others' suffering by imitating Mary's compassion.

Above all, van Zeller shows you that suffering has a purpose, and he uses Christ's Passion to sharpen your vision of life's meaning. With help from this perceptive book, you'll learn how not to grow disheartened or to give in to discouragement, but to see your crosses for what they are, and to bear them with perseverance.

Make your sufferings a path to salvation as Dom van Zeller shows you:

  • Mary: why she is your best example of how to understand and accept your sufferings
  • How you can grow holy and give glory to God even in the crosses that you feel too weak to carry
  • Christ's falls on the way of the Cross: what they teach you about your own sorrows
  • The importance of being willing to share the sufferings of others, and to carry their crosses as if they were your own: do you dare?
  • Christ: the astounding significance of His decision to appear among men as a failure
  • Why it's not healthier to focus on enjoying life and to try to avoid all suffering
  • The secret that can turn your sorrow into a supernatural sacrifice -- if you allow it to do so
  • Two insights the Crucifixion, properly understood, will give you into your sufferings
  • Detachment: why you should begin praying now to be freed from your attachment to the things of this world
  • The man of faith's hidden reservoir of strength in times of suffering: do you have it?
  • You have a part to play in the redemption of the world: are you willing to play it? What it has to do with your daily sufferings
  • Compassion: why you must show it toward others -- and more importantly, to yourself
  • The Mass: why it contains the key to your ability to accept your sufferings
  • Plus: more to help you gain the strength to meet your sufferings with abiding faith!

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Phenomenal Book
This is a classic that everyone should have! The Catholic doctrine of redemptive suffering is a gem that is still waiting to be fully revealed and understood and this book helps one to enter more fully into that great mystery. I cannot say enough good things about this book and how it will help one grow closer to Christ and his cross! This book isn't to be read but to be prayed!
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A light in the darkness
I read "Suffering: The Catholic Answer: The Cross of Christ and Its Meaning for You" during the past year while I was in the midst of the darkest depression I have ever experienced. This book shone a light into my darkness by giving me profound insights into the Christian meaning of suffering, providing for my mind something to hang on to while my heart was buried in anger and torment. Dom Van Zeller presents deep spiritual truth in very clear language, and that truth helped me find hope again. I can't recommend this book highly enough. If people read this book when they are not suffering, what they learn will help them when discontent or distress or pain of any kind does come into their lives, as it inevitably will. And while suffering will never feel good, it helps a great to know the spiritual meaning of it that Christ uses it both for us and for others, if we offer it to Him; and that He is always close to us when we suffer.
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