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For two thousand years, Christianity has taught, with startling specificity, that married men are patriarchs who should relate to their wives as Christ relates to His Bride, the Church. Yet as feminism swept across Western society in recent decades, our understanding of patriarchy became corrupted, and men have been astoundingly swift in their forfeiture of their God-given patriarchal rights and duties. 

While The Case for Patriarchy articulates a position that is provocative in our day, it’s a position that was without controversy for millennia. Why? Because Christians viewed patriarchy as a theological necessity according to the dictates of Christian Scripture and Tradition.

In these powerful pages, Timothy Gordon argues that Christ did more than establish a clerical patriarchy — an all-male priesthood. He also created a lay patriarchy of male householders who act as priests, prophets, and kings of their families. The supplantation of this patriarchy with a feminist “matriarchy,” Gordon argues, has proven to be the most devastating of all the subversive revolutions waged upon Christendom by the radical, secular Left.

Gordon demonstrates that the Word of God single-handedly foils all the toxic plans of modern radicals, and centuries of Christian theology in the East and West have reinforced it. He pulls the curtain back on the “waves” of feminism that have swept over Western culture, and he refutes the methodology they employ to undermine men. Finally, he examines what the restoration of the Christian vocation should look like, as well as explores the patriarchal virtues that all men should exercise in their home and society. 

Here is a book that boldly pushes back on the narrative that the patriarchy is dangerous to women and to society. Indeed, it is a book that unapologetically seeks a restoration of Western society based on patriarchal order, where justice and the common good can triumph.

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"Christianity recedes when patriarchy is rejected. In this trumpet blast of a book, Tim Gordon draws from Scripture, sacred Tradition, the Doctors of the Church, the social sciences, psychology, and literature, and recovers a whole new way of understanding the entire social order—which turns out to be the old way. As red pills go, The Case for Patriarchy is deep crimson. Brace yourself."

Patrick Coffin
Author, co-founder of
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"With uncommon insight and courage, Gordon enjoins his readers to rout cultural revolutionaries by resurrecting the wisdom of the ages. "The Case For Patriarchy" is "man-splaining" at its very best."

Michael Knowles
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"Male and female are the two genders that God has created to complement each other and thus be mutually dependent on each other. He rightly points out that the breakdown in this complementarity is the fault of concupiscence on the part of men and women."

Joseph Strickland
  • Pages: 272
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  • Publication Date: September 21, 2021
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This might be the most life-changing book I’ve read as a “millennial” wife. It poses a huge challenge to those of us who were raised in modern feminist America, but it’s a mental shift that is needed. The book doesn’t dumb-down the truth or theology behind Christian patriarchy. It’s well-researched and well-cited. We are already seeing the fruits of the book positively impact our marriage and family. I would encourage anyone to read this book with an open mind. There is no Christian feminism, and that’s okay! We have a beautiful patriarchal framework to build our lives around instead. Books like this are what will save this country.
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It's so politically incorrect you'll be jumping for joy
This is an incredible and timely book from Timothy Gordon. As a young husband and father and recent convert to the Church, this book has been a tremendous aid in helping me learn how to better lead and love my family. Gordon dissects the diabolical premises of feminism aptly, pulls no punches in critiquing how modern Christianity has failed to confront the evil lies of feminism (and often instead encouraged them), and provides practical means by which men can begin to turn the tide, first in their own lives and families, and then publicly. Thank you, Tim Gordon, for writing this book. Deus vult!
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