The Catholic Guide to Miracles

Separating the Authentic from the Counterfeit


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In this fascinating, eye-opening book, Adam Blai offers a uniquely comprehensive, careful, and thoughtful exploration of miracles, the Church’s process of approving them, and the telltale signs of demonic counterfeits.

As a certified consultant for exorcists in the Diocese of Pittsburgh and an auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists, Blai has spent decades studying and experiencing the supernatural. His confidence in the supernatural is based not only on his faith, but on his extensive experiences and observations. Now he shares in extraordinary detail what he has learned about miracles and their meaning for Catholics today.

You’ll come to understand why Christ allows miracles to occur in our day and savor a stunning variety of stories of healings, apparitions, Eucharistic miracles, modern-day stigmata, heavenly near-death experiences, angelic apparitions, and other amazing events. You’ll find out how miracles are validated by the Church and why we should believe them. You’ll learn the ranks that St. Thomas Aquinas applies to miracles and how science and modern medicine should increase our belief in miracles. You’ll also discover:

  • The history of miracles in the Old and New Testaments
  • True stories of miraculous healings in our time
  • How miracles prove the true apparitions of Mary 
  • The facts and fictions surrounding levitation 
  • How to identify false faith healers
  • The most important Eucharistic miracles of our time
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"Adam Blai's Miracles is a well-documented analysis of the full spectrum of the miraculous, replete with history's best Church-validated miracle accounts as well as personal anecdotes from someone with legitimate real world expertise and a direct line of sight into the world of the supernatural."

Michael O'Neill
Host, The Miracle Hunter
  • Pages: 176
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-296-8
  • Product Code: 2968
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: May 18, 2021
  • Categories: By title, New Releases, Satan and Exorcisms
Miracles help give us a firm faith in Divine Providence
Adam Blai is a Catholic expert in demonology and exorcism, and he has written a truly enlightening book on miracles recognized as genuine by the Catholic Church. This is an excellent, sensible guide to miracles that shows good judgment. The book defines miracles and lists miracles recognized as genuine by the Catholic Church. It’s noteworthy that miracles have consistently occurred from the days of the Old Testament down to the present day. Blai points out that possessions by demons are relatively rare, but they do occur. The book notes that possession by demons results when people dabble in the occult and invite the demons in. The powers and abilities of demons- such as moving objects and making noises - are discussed, as well as their fear of holy objects such as genuine relics of the saints. There are many counterfeit miracles promoted by hucksters, and Blai points out the way to identify genuine miracles is to note that real miracles draw us closer to God and they provide people with clarity and peace. The Catholic Church investigates plausible claims of miracles and provides guidance as to whether a miracle is worthy of belief. Miracles are defined as unexplained events that God uses to draw people closer to Him. But miracles in the sense of being amazing events have definitely occurred several times in history. The emergence of life is a miracle, and the emergence of human beings capable of abstract thought is another stunning miracle. That the universe seems extremely fine-tuned for life is another miracle. And that human science has advanced to such an amazing level is another miracle. The miracles in the Bible are evidence that Christianity is true, and those miracles are credible. Miracles give us evidence that God is real and cares about humanity, and so they give us hope. Adam Blai points out that God sometimes responds to prayers for help with miracles, and that’s good to know when you’re in a tough spot.
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The Catholic Guide to Miracles Set bundle

The Catholic Guide to Miracles Set

Learn everything you need to know about authentic miracles and demonic possession with these two powerful books.


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