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Steps to Restore the Centrality of God in the Liturgy


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We are going through a period of liturgical exile, explains Bishop Athanasius Schneider in this enlightening book, and the vast proliferation of modern abuses are crying out for liturgical reform. The primary source of most modern abuses, he declares, is man's narcissistic tendency to idolize himself instead of paying homage to God.

In what is sure to be seen as one of the most impressive and authoritative books ever written on the Catholic Mass, Bishop Schneider reestablishes what Catholics have known for centuries but have largely forgotten today: that the Mass is the highest form of Christian prayer, which enables us to express with exterior worship our interior belief.

He describes how saints such as Padre Pio and John Vianney helped the faithful enter into a profound spiritual experience during Mass, and he explains why the Mass should serve as a means to lift our hearts to God so we can surrender to His will. You'll come to understand why the rubrics are vital to preserving the authenticity of the liturgy, and you'll learn why architecture, music, sacred art, and even incense are vital symbols that direct our attention to Heaven. You'll also learn:

  • How to recollect and listen to God's Word properly
  • The keys to lifting your heart and surrendering to God's will at Mass.
  • Why it's essential to celebrate the Mass ad orientem
  • How following the rituals assists you in contemplating the spiritual
  • Ways you can unite yourself to the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross
  • The most profitable ways of spending time in thanksgiving following Holy Communion

Bishop Schneider and coauthor Aurelio Porfiri encourage the revival of public prayers, such as the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharistic adoration. He explains how genuflecting, kneeling, and prostrating oneself are all outward signs of reverence that demonstrate this inward action. Our duty, he declares, is to render “perpetual thanksgiving” to God at Mass. Indeed, as he solemnly asserts, “The Mass is the greatest and most important work of the Church.”

Martin Mosebach photo

"Bishop Schneider convincingly emphasizes the power of this Christocentric liturgy, which is able to overcome every obstacle in an environment fixated on this world. The Church of our time cannot but be grateful for the voice of this courageous witness."

Martin Mosebach
German novelist and essayist
Msgr. Nicola Bux photo

"What men have done to Christ is the culmination of the evil that is committed in all times: a greater evil will never be committed. This book is a precious help to enter such a great Mystery."

Msgr. Nicola Bux
Archdiocese of Bari, Italy
Cardinal Joseph Zen photo

"This book by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, co-authored by M. Aurelio Porfiri, is a great resource to rediscover the beauty of the Mass and to warn us of the many abuses that the liturgy of the Church has to suffer in too many churches around the world."

Cardinal Joseph Zen
Scott Hahn photo

"Bishop Athanasius Schneider draws abundantly from Sacred Scripture, the saints, and Doctors of the Church. Reading and pondering this book will be transformative and unitive."

Scott Hahn
Author, The Lenten Cookbook
Robert Cardinal Sarah photo

" If we can imbibe even a little of the faith and love out which this book has emerged, we will not only understand why restoring the centrality of God to the liturgy is essential, we shall ourselves take up this necessary work without further delay."

Robert Cardinal Sarah
  • Pages: 320
  • Format(s): Hardcover, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-540-2
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  • Publication Date: January 25, 2022
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Bishop Schneider is a BOSS
This book is incredible, I could not put it down. Bishop Schneider gives profound insights on the Holy Mass and a beautiful and thorough defense of the Traditional Mass. His fatherly guidance is a delight to read.
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A very sobering and hard medicine to swallow... but absolutely necessary for true health!
His eminence Bishop Athanasius Schneider confronts the delicate issue of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the post-conciliar reforms of 1965-1970, and why sed reforms have produced lack-luster (even negative) fruits. His eminence, under the ancient wisdom that has formed so many saints, expounds the true essence and nature of the Holy Mass, why it prayers were structured in they way they were, why haphazard or even reform carried by human caprice devalues and obfuscated the true meaning of the Holy Mass. He draws from a library of proven scholars and saints. The sources are ironclad! No pop-liturgists or flavor of the months but intellectual voices that have stood the test of time. One section that stood out to me was his discussion of the defectiveness of the new Offeratory prayers.. the Offeratory has been referred to in the past as a "mini canon" of the Mass. "The Offeratory is meant to point to the Cross, so the Church expresses in a solemn and somewhat drawn-out manner the 'intentio', i.e., what she intends to do, which is not to carry out a simple meal, but the greatest action, which is the sacrifice of Christ. That is why the Offeratory must necessarily express the sacrifice that is to be offered. In the Offeratory prayers of the Novus Ordo Missae, on the other hand, the intentio expresses the aspect of a meal, or banquet. That is why the new Offeratory Prayers are dogmatically, doctrinal, and spiritually defective and should be replaced by the ancient prayers..." (pages 88, 89) This book is a serious, spiritual endeavor. It's purpose is not to rant about the old vs. new. His eminence makes the case that the Traditional Latin Mass was the distillation of the organic growth of over a millenium of saints and popes. That cannot be said of the new Mass. That's not mudslinging or name calling but an objective fact. It CANNOT be denied that there is a serious problem(s) in the Catholic Church since Vatican II. The most immediate and tangible change to the Faith was the Holy Mass. It was promised and heralded that the liturgical reforms would remove all the superfluous accretion of time and reveal the pure gem of what the Holy Mass was for and about. People would have greater access to the Euchristic King and people would come in droves to the true, "purified" celebration of the Holy Mass. Instead, the faithful or leaving in droves, surveys claim that a mere 30% of Catholics that attended Sunday Novus Ordo Masses can iterate a Catholic understanding of the Holy Eucharist or believe in the True Presence. His eminence Bishop Athanasius Schneider tries, as a scholar, devotee, and fatherly figure to catechize us on what the Church has always taught regarding the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and suggest means/reforms to rehabilitate the failed reforms after the Vatican II (Missal of 1970). The Traditional Latin Mass stands as a testament to the perennial character if Catholic worship. The Novus Ordo Missae needs to be reformed and informed by previous forms to rehabilitate it from the more aggregious departures from tradition. I cannot stress the value of this book enough! Priests, catechists, and faithful need to read this book. In light of an accelerated attack against the Church's perennial expression of Her worship in recent months/years, a fortification and new zeal must be fostered. A true treasure of scholarly work by a man that LOVES the Holy Mass and the Church.
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