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The Deceiver

In The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan, Fr. Fanzaga confidently guides you through everything the Catechism, Sacred Scripture, and the wisdom of the saints tell us about the wiles and antics of the devil. You’ll come to understand why evil exists, and you’ll explore real-life examples of how the enemy tempts and ensnares us. The Deceiver masterfully unmasks the devil’s seductive plan to create a kingdom of his own in your heart, ruled by pride, sensuality, greed, anger, fear, violence, and destruction.

An Exorcist Explains How to Heal the Possesed

From one of the world’s leading exorcists comes this eye-opening book to help you recognize genuine cases of diabolical possession — and know what to do when your friends or family show behaviors that leave you suspicious.

Leaning heavily on Scripture and the teachings of the Church, as well as on his own extensive experiences as an exorcist, Fr. Paolo Carlin here unveils Satan’s plan of attack while giving you the telltale signs that the Evil One is at work in your life or in the life of others.


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