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The Last Hours of Jesus

the Gospels were written for readers already familiar with many of the persons, places, parties, and politics that governed events in those long-past days. Not so modern readers, twenty centuries later!

Which is why Fr. Ralph Gorman has here crafted a single, unforgettable, detailed account that combines material from all four Gospels with critically-important Old Testament passages, plus relevant facts from Jewish and Roman history, laws, traditions, and practices. He also includes helpful first century military, political, geographical, and archaeological information and keen depictions of Gospel places based on his three years residence there.

Holy Thursday

In these sublime meditations on the events of Holy Thursday, Nobel laureate François Mauriac reminds us of the ineffable value of the gift given us that evening in the Upper Room: the Eucharist, present still in the tabernacles of the world...where Christ waits patiently for us to visit Him, pray with Him, and receive fullness of life from Him.

To read these stirring pages is to rejoice again in the fact that Christ has not left us orphans. He remains with us at all times in the Eucharist, without which we can never attain true peace. As Mauriac notes, “No man knows himself, if he has not looked at his soul in the light of the Host lifted above the ciborium.”


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