The Little Way of Living with Less

Learning to Let Go with the Little Flower


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Do your possessions “spark joy”? In our materialistic society, we are often plagued with the slow torture of accumulated stuff, which creates disharmony, prevents us from living in the present moment, and keeps us from setting our eyes upon Heaven.

The Little Way of Living with Less is a spiritual journey guided by St. Thérèse of Lisieux toward a “less is more” manner of living. It shares one couple's effort to downsize, declutter, and detach — and the challenge of growing in virtues that is associated with this process. Indeed, this book serves as a practical antidote to the consumerism and commodification of daily home life today.

Through the words and example of the Little Flower, you will find peace, joy, and security as you learn how to overcome disorder — whether physical, mental, or spiritual. St. Thérèse will help form you in single-mindedness to complete the ordinary with extraordinary, selfless love, and you'll soon find yourself becoming intentional about making God the center of your life and your home.

Best of all, you will discover that “everything is grace” (St. Thérèse) and will begin thanking God for your many blessings and experiencing His miraculous favors with greater mindfulness. Inspired by the Little Way, you will more confidently seek the things above and “choose all” in holiness. Let “the greatest saint of modern times” show you how to:

  • Let go of clutter, unhealthy habits, vices, and sin
  • Simplify your life and manage fear and anxiety 
  • Create order, beauty, and vibrancy in your home
  • Detach from the world, cultivate poverty of spirit, and attain Heaven
  • Find the happiness and gratitude that come from within
  • Become humble and small, trusting in the mercy of God

By living an integrated life that is free of materialistic pleasures, you will develop the freedom of a child of God to abandon yourself to the Father's will. Enter into the Heart of Jesus and make room in your heart to experience the wonders of His love!

  • Pages: 176
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-538-9
  • Product Code: 5389
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: September 27, 2022
  • Categories: By Title, New Releases
If you love ‘The Little Flower’ you will love this book!
Laraine Bennett’s latest book is now a new favorite. “The Little Way of Living With Less” guides the reader with practical advice on how to let go of the impediments in life, both spiritually, mentally, and materially, that prevent us from deeper union with the Lord. It’s not just a book about how to ‘declutter’ the material excess we’ve all accumulated over time. It also provides examples of how to do so with intention! Each chapter is beautifully organized and filled with anecdotes–often humorous--from the personal experiences of Laraine’s life, as she reflects on the adventures of downsizing from a “McMansion.” With St. Therese joining in on this journey, chapters also include a ‘little examen’ that I know I will refer to often. In Chapter 2, we’re asked: “...[D]o we focus a bit too much on making things “perfect” before we invite people over? Can we focus more on creating a place, where, as St. Therese said, ‘peace, poverty, and joy reign supreme?’” With some of the most memorable quotes from Story of a Soul, a different virtue is explored throughout, from detachment to gratitude and everything in-between. Additionally there are excellent organizational tips from Jaquelyn Dupuy that correspond with the virtue that’s highlighted in each chapter. The “Rose of Poverty” in chapter 5 includes the important reminder that “someone at some point will have to deal with your stuff–whether it’s you or those tasked with clearing out your space after you’ve passed on.” This point is likely to resonate especially with empty nesters who are at a crossroads making decisions about what to keep and what to purge. Taking it a step further, Laraine asks, “Does this mean we cannot have a home? Or create a lovely home? What does being poor in spirit mean for us?” There is so much that is relatable--whether a GenZ spreading her wings and just starting to contemplate the big picture of what matters most, or a GenX or Boomer who may have learned too late that what weighs us down in a material sense contributes to weighing down our souls and even preventing a relationship with God that is focused on Him being priority. This easy-to-read guide is both engaging and delightful, recommended for anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with God by “Learning to Let Go with the Little Flower in the 21st Century.
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