The Politics of Envy


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When toxic envy grows unchecked, it will inevitably destroy an individual, a family, a society —even a civilization. In our day, envy has reached its tipping point, fueling acts of anger, violence, and revenge in America’s cities and corporate boardrooms.

In this timely and brilliantly written book, Anne Hendershott argues that the political class, social media, and advertisers have created a culture of covetousness by relentlessly provoking us to envy others and to be envied. The result is not surprising: a deeply indignant and rapacious generation that believes no one is more deserving of advantages and rewards than they.

Hendershott explains how envy leads to resentment, which eventually erupts into violence and rage, malicious mobs, cancel culture, and the elevation of dysfunctional political systems such as socialism and Marxism.

The Politics of Envy is the first book to provide a sociocultural probe into the root cause of the deadly sin of envy, and it charts a proven path out of this disordered and destructive thinking.  From this pivotal, vitally important book you’ll also learn:

  • Why envy cannot be defeated by politics and requires a heroic attitude to defeat

  • How social media’s illusion of intimacy has fueled the mobs

  • The difference between bullying and the envy-driven cancel culture

  • The Marxist roots of Liberation Theology

  • Why students have always been an easy target for the cult of socialism 

  • Why the truly envious believe that no one is more deserving of advantages and rewards than they

  • How today’s culture of envy traces its roots to the 1950s


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"Anne Hendershott offers an excellent presentation of just how poisonous and pervasive this sin is. Her treatment not only informs us of a vice to avoid, but, conversely, of the virtues we must embrace to live happy lives."

Dr. Paul Kengor
Professor at Grove City College
Dr. Charles P. Nemeth photo

"Dr. Hendershott captures the corrosive impact envy inflicts on both individuals and cultures. Those who suffer from the capital vice of envy lay waste to the world around them in order to satisfy its grasp and control."

Dr. Charles P. Nemeth
Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Pages: 305
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-223-4
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Shining Light on a Darkness
Even the most caring people can become blinded by envy. Most of us have experienced envy, but few of us have given much thought to what it actually is. While both jealousy and envy have ruined many people’s lives, the latter has a greater potential to cause harm on a national level and cause society to turn against itself. Dr. Anne Hendershott’s excellent book not only examines envy from historical, psychological, sociological and theological perspectives but also reveals how its dangerous, far-reaching tentacles have spread into churches, schools, cultures and governments. The Politics of Envy shines light on a darkness that is capable of becoming a widespread threat with severe repercussions. The author has skillfully woven together facts, quotations and detailed examples in order to provide the reader with a crystal clear picture of the gravity of this insidious threat. The Politics of Envy is an informative, intriguing must-read book that never shies away from truth that needs to be told.
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Politics of Envy Set bundle

Politics of Envy Set

Riots. Torn down statues. Cities burning. Explores the roots of our culture's toxic climate and why Western Civilization is worth defending.


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