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The Supreme Vocation of Women

Drawing not only on the works of John Paul II and on those of the Church Fathers but also on the example of scores of holy women in the Bible plus the Blessed Virgin Mary and the many female saints of the Church, these pages offer profound and practical insights into the fundamental strengths and habits that distinguish womanhood as a particular way of being human, while giving authentic witness to the divine image of our Creator. 

Be warned: here you’ll encounter no outdated, sentimental ode to “feminine genius.” On the contrary, reaching across time and space, Maleski’s straightforward, engaging prose introduces you to the bracing, universal truths of the Church about the inherent strength and supreme vocation of womanhood, equipping you to counter forcefully our secular culture’s distorted views of personhood, the human body, gender, sexuality, and the profound, God-ordained complementarity of men and women. 

Baby and Beyond

During the year after giving birth, some mothers struggle to recover from the wearying days, sleepless nights, and assorted other troubles – mental, physical, and spiritual – that childbirth brings.

If you’re one such woman, know that you don’t stand alone. Author Allison Auth has experienced all these woes and more, growing wise along the way in the art of postpartum life – a healing art she illuminates and shares here with you.

In these lively, plainspoken pages, Auth introduces you to powerful exercise, health, and nutrition practices that can relieve – and often even eliminate – most of the troubles you might suffer during that difficult year after your baby is born.


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