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Uncommon Virtue

Filled with inspiring real-world examples of heroic men and women throughout history, this book teaches you how to develop the essential habits you need to become a saint in these times. You’ll learn how to develop an attitude of gratitude like the saints in Heaven and how to cultivate a spiritual life that will make you more productive.

Through these true stories of valor, you will pick up the necessary wisdom to “work out” your salvation, through the grace of the sacraments, in accordance with your state in life. This commonsense approach to Catholic spirituality will help you become the saint you are meant to be.

Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God

Most committed Christians don't like to admit it, but all too many of us serve God solely out of a sense of duty, without ever approaching the burning love and intimacy that God desires of us. Indeed, many believers don't even think it's possible to attain to the heights of holy love that built the great cathedrals and fired the Christian martyrs to give their lives for their Lord. But in Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God, Rev. Kilian Healy says that you can and should develop this kind of love for God.


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