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Fulton Sheen shows you how to win a lasting victory over vice.

Fulton Sheen claims that since all seven deadly sins led Christ's enemies to nail Him to the Cross, we can find in the example of His suffering and death sure means to overcome each of those sins, plus the key to understanding — and to nurturing in our own soul — each corresponding virtue.

So, for example, in these pages filled with wisdom and hope, Blessed Sheen teaches us not only how to conquer our gluttony; he shows us how to satisfy our spiritual hunger. We learn not merely how to overcome pride; we discover what we must do to grow humble. From Christ's holy response to each of the seven deadly sins that led to His Crucifixion, Blessed Sheen draws a lesson in how you and I must deal with those same sins, whether we meet them in others or in ourselves.

Day after day, Christians struggle to do good, to avoid evil, and to take up with patience and love the crosses that threaten to crush them. For those of us who still know more of sin than sanctity, Fulton Sheen's revelation of the light that vice sheds on virtue affords a way to understand even better, and a means to attain it. If you abide by the holy counsel of these pages, enduring virtue will soon be yours: you will have achieved your own long-sought-after victory over vice.

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Bishop Sheen is the man
This is a short book, but filled with many important things to ponder. There are seven chapters, each one devoted to one of the seven deadly sins. Bishop Sheen describes each of the sins in detail and shows how they destroy the soul of the one who partakes in them. He of course, gives advice on how we can overcome such vices. One interesting thing that he does is start each chapter with a quote from Jesus on the cross (one of the seven last words of Christ). In doing so, he is claiming that each one of Christ's seven last words corresponded to something about each one of the seven deadly sins. It was quite interesting, and something that is worth contemplating. Of course, Bishop Sheen is a lucid writer, and he is always an easy and enjoyable read.
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An inspired classic on how to grow in virtue
This is a very positive book. As the editor's review states, it gives us the key to overcoming vice: growing in virtue. Which is more than simply turning away from vice. We have to turn away from our vices and turn toward something that is good: the virtue God wants for us, which will make us more like Him. Anybody who sincerely wants to feel fulfilled and overcome with good the sins of lust, or anger, or any of the other 7 deadly sins, and give greater glory to God in their lives through the grace and power Jesus Christ offers us through His sacrifice, this is a great book!
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