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Written for soldiers by Blessed Fulton Sheen in the darkest moments of World War II, this small prayer book has been proven in combat and hallowed by the suffering, prayers, and sacrifices of thousands of Catholic fighting men and women on ships, submarines, and aircraft, in fortresses and foxholes, and even in hellish prisoner of war camps across Europe and the Pacific.

Peacetime led those soldiers and sailors to put aside this powerful wartime prayer book as they entered a world rendered more secure because of their sacrifices. New enemies have shattered the security those good soldiers won. Terrorism now takes as its battlefield our homes, our schools, and our workplaces, threatening even those of us who are not in the military. Duct tape may protect us from chemical and biological weapons, but it surely won't protect us from the corrosive, soul-destroying impact of fear, anger, uncertainty, and despair, which daily life on this battlefield is causing already.

Now is the time to draft The Armor of God back into God's service. We have published it as Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book, in a pocket-sized leatherette edition similar to the original that you can carry with you in your car or on the subway, and that soldiers can carry in their uniforms as they face the enemy.

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Editorial Reviews

"I gave my last Wartime Prayer Book to an airman on the way to Iraq this week. I try to keep a couple with me even when traveling, as I frequently encounter Armed Forces members in airports who have a need to talk to a priest. Having these to put in their hands has been a blessing."

Fr. A

"Your sending those Bishop Sheen books in Fallujah was a Godsend. Support from our fellow Catholics on the home front speaks volumes to us here! Since being here, I've had 3 sailors and marines approach me wanting to become Catholics."

Fr. John

"The Wartime Prayer Book reached me in time. I took a bag of them to New Orleans and shared them with troops from the Maryland Guard and the Arkansas Guard. These latter will be going from New Orleans to Iraq. These men and women were extremely grateful, and, when I ran across various troops a day or two later, all had the Prayer Book with them. Archbishop Sheen clearly is continuing his work. God bless you all for helping him to do so."

Fr. Charles

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Transcends time
Absolutely one of the best book of prayers and spiritual support I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Very small and compact so it can go with you anywhere. This prayer book and a rosary are perfect for the traveling military and their families. I also highly recommend them for non-military who are looking for prayer and spiritual guidance. Archbishop Sheen was given great talents by God and he shared it freely with the world.
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a great book for soldiers, their family and their friends
I found this book to be very comforting and a valuable resource. I would recommend it to any Catholic soldier their families or their friends. Yes it was written during World War II but the lessons are just as applicable today as they were then. Especially if you know a soldier who is serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who knows a Catholic soldier because it has prayers, words of encouragement and other important things yet it is compact enough to fit in a pocket so it is easy to carry.
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Spiritual guide for life
This is a wonderfully concise, spiritual guide. I gave one to my son in Iraq, and keep one close at hand for my own daily battles. It reminds me that God will help in times where our physical and emotional strength is exhausted, but our battle for human dignity is not yet won.
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