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A Curious Catholic's Answers to Theological Questions


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Whether about morality or matters of doctrine, hundreds of questions a year are posed to the average priest, with vast spiritual significance hinging on each answer — conversions and reconversions, children’s formation, the survival of marriages, new vocations to the priesthood, and the eternal destiny of those on their deathbeds.

Yet there remain few good Q&A compendiums published over the past half century.

In response to this need, Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Ken Brighenti, hosts of EWTN’s Web of Faith, draw on their years of pastoral experience to compile a comprehensive list of the best questions ever asked of them, responding to each with the same natural warmth, intellectual heft, and spiritual acuity that has earned them such a large international following.

As on the Web of Faith television program, their conversational style opens fresh lines of questioning to which Fr. Trigilio and Fr. Brighenti provide clear, insightful answers. The result is 400 pages of rewarding material touching on practically every category of Church life and Catholic teaching imaginable, including:

  • Sacred Scripture’s claims and mandates
  • How to deal with family collapse
  • Bad words and unwanted thoughts: what is sinful and what is not
  • How the life of Christ should influence how you pray
  • Psychics and their dangers
  • How canon law applies to laypeople
  • How to avoid the dangers of the Internet
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"Their guide through the Creed and its implications for our lives can help us both understand and love the Lord Jesus all the more in all the many and varied aspects of our lives."

John J. McIntyre
Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia
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"Drawing from their exceptional knowledge of the catechism, Fathers Trigilio and Brighenti explain for the average Catholic, encouraging and life changing anecdotes acquired from decades of faithful pastoring. It is an insightful guidebook that encourages hope and inspires Faith!"

Thomas McKenna
Founder and President, Catholic Action for Faith and Family
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What a delightful experience! The pleasure of Web of Faith isn't just in the knowledge and the clarity these priests bring to bear in answering a remarkably diverse range of questions – it's also in their friendship, their experience, their humor, and their pastoral wisdom.


John-Mark Miravalle
  • Pages: 384
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-68278-060-2
  • Product Code: Q80602
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: May 25, 2021
  • Categories: Catechesis, New Releases, EWTN Publishing
Good job, but I have a couple caveats.
I liked Web of Faith because of all the down-to-earth explanations of many subjects. I suggest that even though it's not an old book, that it be updated with the extensive magisterium of our current Pope. And something was missed by the person who gave the nihil obstat: Web of Faith says on page 201 that any violation of the Ten Commandments would be "grave matter." That is clearly not in keeping with the Catholic Church's magisterium. For example, the lie I told my mother I had washed my hands before dinner, this was a a venial sin. It violated the Eighth Commandment but not involving grave matter. This error will need to be corrected when the book is reprinted.
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