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What Catholics Are Free to Believe or Not

Fatima, relics, miracles and more: about these and scores of other claims of the Catholic Faith, most people are simply wrong . . . including many Catholics!

They're mistaken about what the Church really requires believers to accept, and unclear about just what She's left to the discretion of the faithful.

To overcome these errors which can breed doubts and confusion in Catholics and non-Catholics alike the late Father Hughes here provides clear, succinct, detailed answers to what Catholics are bound to believe and practice, and what they're free to dismiss.

Without diluting or minimizing the obligations of Catholics, Fr. Hughes eliminates many obstacles to the conversion of Protestants who find troubling or even objectionable one or more non-essential beliefs or practices of the Church.

From these eye-opening pages, you'll learn:

  • The real reason Catholics accept the doctrines of the Church: it's simpler than you may think
  • The very minimum every Catholic must believe and do: do you know where the line is drawn?
  • The worship and services that all Catholics must render to God (Can you name them?) and the ones they are free to practice or not
  • How inquirers (and believers, as well) can assent to the Catholic faith without knowing each and every one of her teachings
  • Why the Church will not in fact, cannot ever ask the faithful to assent to a proven truth of reason
  • Which miracles all Catholics are required to accept and the ones they can legitimately doubt (plus, an easy way to tell the difference)
  • How revelation gives birth to and limits the reach of the Church's doctrinal authority
  • That, contrary to popular belief, the Church since apostolic times has never taught a new doctrine and can
  • Where the Church has authority over the conclusions of science (and where She has none)
  • The religious obedience is due even to some non-infallible declarations of the Church
  • What, precisely, Catholics are required to accept in Church pronouncements about apparitions, relics, scapulars, shrines, holy images, and other popular devotions, and what they need not believe

These brisk, refreshing pages sweep away countless errors and confusions about the Catholic faith, showing Catholics and non-Catholics that it is far more reasonable and inviting than its critics claim: indeed, the only faith fully the respects the conscience and intelligence of creatures while conveying the full truth to them about the love of God for them and their obligations to Him.

What is the Bible?

Some people look at the Bible and see a collection of stories that teach us how to live good and happy lives. Others regard it more as a historical record of the Jewish and Christian peoples. Still others prefer to stress that Scripture is nothing less than the voice of God revealed to mankind. In this classic work you'll discover that the Bible is all of these things, and more.

Written especially for average Catholics, who often find the Bible intimidating, What is the Bible? makes sense of the sprawling scope of Sacred Scripture. With patience, clarity, and great learning, beloved popular scholar Henri Daniel-Rops sheds light on the Bible's divine origins, its structure and content, its rich layers of meaning, and its place at the heart of Catholic doctrine and worship.

What is the Bible? will show you:

  • How the Bible went from the spoken word to the written word

  • What divine inspiration means — and what it doesn't

  • Why some apostolic writings are in the Bible and others aren't

  • Why some biblical stories resemble ancient myths

  • How the Bible relates to secular history and archaeology

  • The right way to interpret miracle accounts in the Bible

  • Three ways to understand the meaning of Scripture

  • How to read and pray with the Bible regularly

  • Plus much more to help you profit from God's written Word

  • Don't separate yourself from the manifold treasures that Scripture has to offer you. Read What is the Bible? today and gain a deeper understanding of God's wisdom, and of the ways He has revealed Himself to us throughout history.


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