What Catholics Need to Know About Islam


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It is no longer permissible to have an honest conversation about Islam. Those who warn about Islam's threat to our way of life are dismissed as racists and xenophobes by social elites and even by many in the Catholic hierarchy.

For centuries, the Catholic Church served as a bulwark against Islamic expansion. Today the Church is an enabler of Islam, encouraging mass migration into the West and portraying Islam as a peace-loving religion that has nothing to do with terrorism.

In this highly informative, hard-hitting book, Catholic author William Kilpatrick pulls no punches in courageously confronting the threats posed by Islam. He shows how Muslim activists are employing the same tactics that led to the meteoric rise of the LGBT movement and how they have systematically infiltrated the government, media, business, schools, and even churches.

He explains how Western self-hatred and political correctness makes jihad possible, and he reveals how the media conceals and covers up for atrocities committed in the name of Islam.

In many European countries, you can be arrested for criticizing Islam. Meanwhile, desecration of churches is on the rise, police fear to enter Muslim zones, and London has become the acid-attack capital of the world. Europe is slowly capitulating to Islam, writes Kilpatrick, and the same can happen here if we don't wake up in time.

Among the many urgent topics covered in this compelling book are:

  • Why stealth jihad is more dangerous than armed jihad

  • Why you should worry about virgins in paradise

  • Why the rise of gender confusion has led to the rise of Islam

  • Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

  • Is the face of the migrant the face of Jesus?

  • Are Islamic family values the same as Christian family values?

  • Pages: 448
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-214-2
  • Product Code: 2142
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Publication Date: August 04, 2020
  • Categories: 5 and 10 Dollar Books, Apologetics, By Title, Culture and Politics, Crisis Publications
If you're interested in truth...
An intelligent, informative read that challenges the politically-correct version of Islam that is paralyzing the West.
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