What Went Wrong With Vatican II

The Catholic Crisis Explained

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Crisis magazine called this book:
"The clearest and most comprehensive argument against the theological dissenters ever written."

This riveting book will show you why the Church has been in crisis since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) — and what must be done about it.

Dr. Ralph McInerny here reveals the causes of the devastation in the Church. You'll discover that Vatican II didn't:

  • Teach a new Faith


  • Do away with Tradition


  • Set up a new, democratic Church


  • Give Catholics permission to disagree with the Church in the name of conscience.


Read this dramatic narrative to learn how the council was hijacked and how interpretation of its decrees has been controlled since then by Catholics with an agenda different from what the council taught. Best of all, you'll learn from Ralph McInerny what must be done now to take back the council and the Church.

Among the many eye-opening things you'll learn:

  • Why theologians invoke the so-called "spirit of Vatican II" — against what the council really says
  • Why John XXIII wanted a council: it wasn't to "throw open Church windows to the modern world"!
  • Authority in the Church: how confusion about it began — and the steps that have to be taken to end it now
  • Humanae Vitae: the appalling story of how the birth-control encyclical was used to start a revolution in the Church — and overwhelm the real message of Vatican II
  • Rejecting the council: why this is not a legitimate option for faithful Catholics
  • The one essential point you must know about the council if you are to understand its significance for the Church in our time — and help restore the Church

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Editorial Reviews


"One of the best explanations of what has happened within the Church over the last thirty-five years. An important book."

Religious Life

"Remarkably even-handed, sober, and engaging . . . a hopeful book."

First Things

"A book to be reread, studied, and used as a springboard for further thought on the matter."

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly

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Insightful and Historically Engaging
This book put flesh and explanation to a lot of confusion and trouble in the Church during the past 40 years... and it has made human error (that inside and within the Church) more forgiveable. Reminds us that we should bear with one another, and always remain loyal to the truths of the Church. Christ established it, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Well written by a 21st century theologian and historian.
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Hint: It wasn't the Council....
This book provides some valuable insight into what the council was about and why it was necessary. It also exposes how renegade theologians, not hierarchy as is commonly believed, ruined the council's implementation. Vatican II was never the problem. It didn't destroy Catholic identity or try to undermine the faith. In fact, it wasn't until 1968, years after the close of the council, that the real crisis in obedience began in the Church, and that had to do with Pope Paul VI's landmark encyclical, Humanae Vitae. Dissident theologians were publicly embarrassed when the pope did not come out in support of artificial contraception after they'd said he would. They told Catholic married couples that the encyclical could be ignored and fostered disobedience. This book explores the rebellion among the theologians and its bitter fruit of disobedience to lawful Church authority. It's a real eye-opener to anyone who's often wondered just what Vatican II taught and why this council is singularly b
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