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What's Wrong with the World

More than a century ago, Chesterton perceived the beginnings of “woke capital” and how it aligns with and promotes social progressivism. There is an unspoken alliance between big business and progressives, he explains. The one (big business) impoverishes the worker, eviscerating the material conditions of family life, while the other (the progressive) tells him he doesn’t need family anyway. Big business “wants women workers because they are cheaper,” while the progressive “calls the women’s work ‘freedom to live her own life.’ ”

Chesterton saw, too, how economic individualism ultimately led to more intrusive government because of the inability of the worker to enter into modest ownership of the kind accessible to his forebears, leaving him vulnerable to looking to the State for help.  

Prayer as a Political Problem

In Prayer as a Political Problem, Danielou explains the conditions that are necessary to build and maintain a Christian people. He explains why civilization requires that the Catholic Faith be truly rooted in society, with her teachings and sacraments available to all. 

He argues that we must make great strides now to change the shape and pattern of society if we are to preserve the common good of mankind. And if this fails, how our last remaining option will be to create oases of Christian communities where faith and vocations can develop and survive.

There is much work to be done before the flower of Christendom can bloom once again. This little book provides an indispensable primer on how it can be done, as well as the impetus to begin doing it.


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