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A must-have for fans of the epic film, acclaimed author Mike Aquilina offers an unflinching look at the life and times in which the epic adventure of Ben-Hur is set.

By exploring the gripping times in which the Roman Empire ruled the world, countless scenes throughout the film will have greater meaning and a significance that only knowledge of history can provide.

You’ll come to a deeper understanding of the Roman penal system that led Judah Ben-Hur to the galleys, the struggle to survive disease and martyrdom, the inevitable destiny of the slave, and the truth about the Roman games that gave birth to the famous chariot race that remains one of the most memorable experiences in cinematic history.

As we strip away centuries of accumulated tradition and look at Jesus of Nazareth with fresh eyes, you’ll also share with Ben-Hur the exciting, confusing, and life-changing experience of meeting Jesus for the first time.

Armed with new wisdom and keen insights into the fascinating history of the Roman Empire, you’ll never watch Ben-Hur the same again.

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"Mike Aquilina has done a masterful job placing us in the life and times of Judah Ben-Hur and Jesus Christ. This is a must-read for any fan of Ben-Hur."

Scott Hahn

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Very well written and extremely informative.
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Excellent and very easy to read
Excellent and very easy to read! Don't watch the movie before reading this book. So much cultural background contained in order to understand the times Christ lived and died in. Wonderful book!!!
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The World of Ben-Hur
Another fascinating walk through biblical history with Mike. His work is as natural to read as having a lunch conversation with a good friend. Read this one. Get hooked. Go read all his other works.
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