Worshipping a Hidden God

Unlocking the Secrets of the Interior Life

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In these pages, the wise Mexican mystic, Archbishop Luis Martinez, unlocks for you the secrets to the interior life, showing how you can enter into an intense, sustained communion with God.

God alone knows the mysteries of His intimate life, and He alone can reveal it to you. Through our own efforts, we can attain some knowledge of God, but we cannot come to know the mystery of His intimate life unless He reveals it to us.

To find God, says Martinez, we have to seek Him, but through His ways, not ours. With the wise spirituality of St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux as your guide, Worshipping a Hidden God shows you how to live in the “obscurity of faith” — the light which infallibly leads you to God.

You’ll learn how to become detached from both consolations and desolations, leaving behind the perturbations of the world that shake the faith of those who don’t.

Bishop Martinez doesn’t offer new rules of prayer or demand that you abandon the forms of meditation that suit you. He simply reminds you that our God is a hidden God which can be found only through the gaze of faith.

Says Martinez: “Once you know how to profit from faith and to live by faith, you will always find God. You will have solved your problem; you will have discovered the great secret of the interior life.”

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Editorial Reviews

Johnnette Benkovic photo

"This book has profoundly nourished my spiritual life."

Johnnette Benkovic
Host of EWTN's Women of Grace
Dan Burke photo

"Led by this sure guide, I have no doubt you will find God."

Dan Burke
Executive Director of the National Catholic Register

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An exceptional spiritual Gem!
I think that this wonderful book "turns the world's thought processes upside down" and should be a must reading for every Christian. Especially in Western Society, where we are "so concerned" with impression management and upward mobility, keeping up with the Jones's, etc. I'm not going to spoil the secret but essentially paradoxes about the spiritual life (the true one, I believe) that is hidden within the pages of this book. If I had only 2 books to have in my upstairs library, this one would be one of them!
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A wonderful guide to the spiritual life
A wonderful guide to the spiritual life. Easy to read, small and convenient to use--but the content, above all, is excellent. Especially if your prayer life is somewhat advanced, and particularly if you are suffering desolation, dryness, and aridity in the midst of your fidelity to prayer, you will find this book comforting and instructive.
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